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"The Trench Gang"
Nobody crosses the Trench Gang. Nobody. Well, some have crossed the Trench Gang. But only once. Don't cross the Trench Gang.
Tier 2 unit
40 HP
Attack DPS
Attack Delay
0.25 sec
Attack Cooldown
0.25 sec
1 Tiles
Warren Cost
120 Food
Unit Cost
60 Food
Build Time
20 sec
2 Unit(s) per Warren
Club and Stealth

Description[edit | edit source]

Members of the Trench Gang, aka the "Chameleons", are the the only non-structure stealth unit in the game. Chameleons attack in a rapid-fire fashion, hitting twice as fast as other melee units. This combined with their high HP allows them to act as high damage, frontline tanks. Being a stealth unit, Chameleons will remain hidden and untargetable by enemies until they begin attacking, and will re-enter stealth after a short amount of time if they stop attacking. This combination of strength, toughness, and the ability to avoid damage makes them ideal assassins and surprise skirmishers. They're able to suddenly appear, deal damage, then vanish before enemies can properly retaliate.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Chameleons are relatively straightforward with the added benefit of stealth. Utilize the their ability to stealth and their high hp and health to get up close and personal with the enemy army and get out when the going gets tough.

Playing with Chameleons[edit | edit source]

Chameleons excel in small skirmishes where they can use their high health pools to tank damage and retreat using their stealth, waiting to heal up (especially with pigeons) before taking another fight. Sneak attacks can be difficult because your commander will often give it away, so the stealth is more often used to get the chameleons up close to their targets without taking extra harassment. You can use this to your advantage, however, as once your opponent knows you have chameleons, they must be wary of your commander at all times, never fully sure if you've brought invisible chameleons along. Being excellent frontline units, they can make quick work of most defensive structures, easily geting in range without taking damage thanks to their stealth and surviving more than a few hits. If you're sneaky enough they can even be used as assassins, evading enemy eyes until they reach a high value target and then quickly bringing it down.

Playing against Chameleons[edit | edit source]

Chameleon's greatest weakness is burst damage, such as from toads or falcons, as it denies them the opportunity to re-stealth and retreat. The stacking poison of snakes can also shred through their high health even if they stealthily retreat. If you are having trouble against sneak attacks, remember that if you kill the commander the chameleons are sitting ducks.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Pre-Alpha 23.01:
    • Now have 40 DEF, up from 35
  • Pre-Alpha 23:
    • Now attacks 2 times per second, up from 1
    • Can now restealth from an attack after .5 seconds, down from 2
  • Pre-Alpha 22:
    • Hitpoints now 35 (was 30)
  • Pre-Alpha 15:
    • Damage now 8 (was 7)
  • Pre-Alpha 14:
    • Damage now 7 (was 8)
    • Hitpoints now 30 (was 40)
    • Stealth now only breaks on attack
    • Unstealthing now takes 0.25 seconds
  • Pre-Alpha 13:
    • Damage now 8 (was 6)
    • Hitpoints now 40 (was 30)
    • Enemy chameleons are no longer shown on your minimap
  • Pre-Alpha 12:
    • Cooldown now 2 seconds (was 2.5)
    • Now deals twice its damage every hit
    • Hitpoints now 30 (was 20)
  • Pre-Alpha 11:
    • This patch changed the “damage per 5 seconds” system to a “damage per second” system.Therefore, damage values have to be divided by 5 before they are comparable.
  • Pre-Alpha 7:
    • Damage now 25 (was 30)
  • Pre-Alpha 6:
    • Now Tier 2
    • Now stealth
    • Damage now 30 (was 15)
    • Hitpoints now 20 (was 30)
  • Pre-Alpha 5:
    • Is now being summoned
    • Damage now 15
    • Hitpoints now 30
  • Pre-Alpha 1:
    • Damage now 15 (was 10)
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