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"The Freight Union"
Customers beware: While the Freight Union guarantees speedy delivery, their contract provides no warranty on the state of goods upon shipment.
Tier 2 unit
25 HP
Attack DPS
Attack Cooldown
2 sec
8 Tiles
Warren Cost
120 Food
Unit Cost
60 Food
Build Time
20 sec
2 Unit(s) per Warren

Description[edit | edit source]

Members of the Freight Union, aka the "ferrets", use their long bodies to carry around their mortar cannon, laying siege upon enemy units from afar. They are tied with the Artillery Cannon for the longest range in the game at 8 tiles. However, to offset their range advantage, mortar shells linger in the air for two seconds before landing on the ground, giving time for mobile enemy units to move out of the way if possible. Ferret can hit a max of 1 unit and 1 structure simultaneously, meaning if is squirrel is standing on top of a warren, if the ferret aims for the squirrel, then it will hit both the squirrel and the warren for 10 damage

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ferrets are long range siege units. Due to the travel time of their mortar shells they are most effective against stationary structure or large groups of army where something will inevitably get hit.

Playing With Ferrets[edit | edit source]

With the longest range in the game, ferrets excel at harassing and pressuring your opponent. Use the range advantage to poke at the enemy army from a safe distance. While the attacks can be dodged, you are still keeping the opponent on their toes. Poking like this can be particularly effective against larger armies as it is difficult to move every unit out of the way. Ferrets are especially useful for breaking through defensive structures like machine gun nests or artillery cannons, which cannot move. Despite their long range, ferrets have an average vision range and so cannot use the full extent of their range unless given vision by the commander or other units. For that reason, pairing ferrets with pigeons is usually a good way to unlock their full vision potential.

Playing Against Ferrets[edit | edit source]

Ferrets are relatively fragile and their damage is inconsistent, which makes them less effective in full army engagements. Until you are ready to take a fight, try to move your army around to dodge the mortar shots or keep them positioned further back out of range. Falcons can be especially useful as they cannot be hit by the mortar fire and their high dps will make quick work of the fragile ferrets. Alternatively, you can zone ferrets away from being able to safely harass using your own long range units such as sniper balloons, fox, or your own ferrets.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Pre-Alpha 27:
    • shots will no longer be capped at 2 maximum targets
  • Pre-Alpha 25:
    • Are now 25 DEF, up from 20
    • Can now hit up to 2 targets, up from 1
    • Now stops moving for .25 seconds upon firing their weapon
  • Pre-Alpha 24:
    • Are now 20 DEF, up from 15
  • Pre-Alpha 15:
    • Damage now 5 (was 4)
  • Pre-Alpha 12:
    • Cooldown now 2 seconds (was 2.5)
    • Hitpoints now 20 (was 15)
  • Pre-Alpha 11:
    • This patch changed the “damage per 5 seconds” system to a “damage per second” system.Therefore, damage values have to be divided by 5 before they are comparable.
  • Pre-Alpha 3:
    • Damage now 20 (was 25)
    • Hitpoints now 15 (was 20)
    • Can now damage more than 3 units in a single volley
    • Higher volley time

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