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Story mode contains the single player campaign of the game. It takes players through the beginning of the revolution into its conclusion. The player begins taking command of the Longcoat's, a group of mercenaries hired and led by aristocrat Bellafide, a mouse whose recent loss of his only son to the Civilized has cause him to revolt against their corrupt rule. This chapter of the game focuses on teaching the players the basic features and functions of the game, as well as providing much of the background for the world and characters within. As the first chapter draws to a close, the player is swapped into the role of Hopper, a wily one armed mouse, who champions the cause of the Commonfolk. Throughout this part of the campaign players begin to be introduced to the rather difficult side of the heroic achievements as well as a wider perspective on the way life in Tooth and Tail, including the players first understanding of leader of all people. Upon completion of this chapter the player is thrust into the roll as the previously antagonistic KSR. Commanded by the Quartermaster, the player learns about a mysterious death that has rocked the animals, and begins to understand that not everything is a black and white as it seemed. It is in this chapter of the campaign that many players begin to face immense difficulty in completing the heroic challenges. As the final chapter begins players finally take command of the missionary Archimedes, who up until this point has been portrayed as the primary antagonist. It is in this chapter that players begin to see the horrors of the revolution, with betrayals, horrible secrets, mysteries, and the true nature of the conflict revealed.

It should be noted that if at any time the player wishes to revisit any of the previous chapters they must simply find the units with the symbol above their heads and talk to them, which colour unit determines the faction chapter the player is transported to.

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