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The World

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Tooth and Tail takes place in a world of animal revolution.

With the exception of pigs, the animals have decided to eat meat. For a while, this sort of functioned: the Clergy led a lottery system in which it ultimately controlled who got to be the food. Trouble started on two fronts: the common-folk did not particularly like being told to hop into frying pans, and Bellafide's son was selected to be bacon. Bellafide revolted, intending to reshape the food-selection system into one based on some version of a meritocracy. The commoners also revolted, led by Hopper. Hopper and Bellafide joined forces - while their ideals did not exactly match, both would need to overthrow the clergy before either of their systems could be pushed.

The clergy engaged in the fight to maintain power and the status quo, led by Archimedes. Though the revolution had thrown the leadership into general dissaray, certain military elements remained organized. Quartermaster, the shady and pragmatic head of the secret police, seized control of military elements and threw her weight behind Archimedes and the clergy.

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